4 Reasons Why Biggar is a Great Town for Writers

The town of Bigger is situated in the Southern Uplands of Scotland. In a town rich in history, it is no surprise to see why so many writers come for a visit. With rich streets and great escapes, we’ve narrowed down the top reasons why Biggar is better.

Here are 4 reasons why Bigger is a great town for writers.

Historical Inspiration

As a city with tons of history, Biggar has been around since 1451. Today, the city still retains its medieval charm as the main street is lined with centuries-old homes and historical figures that include Bonnie Prince Charlie and William Wallace. You can even visit the town’s world-famous Puppet theater as well as other wonderful museums to enjoy. Talk about the inspiration for the town and try to channel that energy.

Plenty of Options Outdoors

Writers can find inspiration outdoors all year round. You can take a walk up Tinto Hills and view the landscapes of Clyde Valley. There is even a garden called Little Sparta, that was created by poet and artist, Ian Hamilton Finlay. The garden also contains more than 250 pieces of his art work displayed. You can find many hidden spots that will ultimately become your home away from home.

Late Night Excursions

As a writer, inspiration can come from anywhere, anytime. While the daily life of Biggar offers plenty of opportunities to explore, that doesn’t mean that it is only limited to day time. Writers can spend rise early or burn the midnight oil with their newfound inspiration. When you’re ready to face the sun, you can head over to your favorite café, order breakfast, and search for new inspiration to write about.

Plenty of Space to Write

Biggar’s main street still stays true to its roots as a market town with a variety of small independent shops that includes a famous ice-cream and chocolate shop, award-winning grocer, and fish and chip shop. The town also has a large number of cafes, bistros, and restaurants.

Have you ever visited Biggar? If so, is there any place or activity that you would like to recommend? Comment below and let us know!